the incredibles 2

- Review by Oisín Walsh 


Anybody sceptical of another Pixar sequel can rest easy. Incredibles 2 is terrific fun and shows Pixar performing at their best once again.

To catch anyone unfamiliar with the first film up, The Incredibles is about a super powered family who, like other “Supers”, are forced to hide their powers from society and live a normal life. Bob, the father, is super strong, Helen, the mother, can stretch her body like rubber and their children have powers too - Violet can turn invisible, Dash has Super Speed and Jack-Jack has many different abilities. The sequel picks up right where the previous one left off. The Parr family/The Incredibles, are preparing to take on the Underminer. However, things go awry, and the public’s perception of Supers is made poorer. Enter the brother/sister team of Evelyn and Winston, who want to sponsor Supers and make them appear as heroes again. They decide that Helen, also known as Elastigirl, is their best bet at winning the public’s approval. We are then allowed to enjoy the contrast between Bob trying to achieve success as a father at home, and Helen battling with Screenslaver, the villain of this film.

The film balances these separate plotlines well, moving at a breakneck pace accompanied by a stellar soundtrack from a returning Michael Giacchino. We move from one scene to the next seamlessly. There is never a moment where you will become weary of the considerable length of the film (it runs at over two hours), time flies by. The film also packs an emotional punch - though not as much as some previous Pixar films - but its just powerful enough that we care about these characters. When they find themselves in risky situations, we can feel the danger and are truly rooting for them. This is something which many other action films fail to accomplish time and time again. So while you might not find yourself moved to tears, like in other Pixar entries like Up or Inside Out, you will still be invested in these characters as much as any others which Pixar have created in the past.

The action scenes in this superhero film thrive in its animated form. We aren’t distracted by garish special effects intruding on the real world. We can marvel at the unbelievable feats of the superpowered characters and it blends seamlessly into its rich and wonderful world. The standout moment involves a motorcycle chase involving Elastigirl and a speeding train. It is all very exciting as she rockets at impossible speeds through a city, bouncing off of rooftops defying all laws of physics. But you will never pause to consider if this is realistic, you can simply appreciate the spectacle. Incredibles 2 has plenty of these action packed moments and they all find some new way to demonstrate the powers of the characters so we can never easily predict how they will resolve each situation they encounter. I never found myself saying “Oh Elastigirl will turn into a parachute to save herself” or “Ah Frozone can just freeze those bad guys”, the pace of the plot doesn’t give you time to and the heroes never use the same trick twice. This along with the heroes and villains being armed with an assortment of gadgets which even James Bond would be envious of, makes for some pretty spectacular and engaging viewing.

Incredibles 2 is outstanding. The characters are as you remember them, the powers are still astonishing and are used to astounding effect and you won’t want the film to end. Cars didn’t need a sequel let alone two. Leaving the cinema, I felt myself practically begging for The Incredibles to become a trilogy - but ultimately I am just grateful seeing that Pixar are once again making quality films which don’t disappoint. See this film and enjoy every moment. I certainly did.